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  • What to wear for your first class
    When you walk into your first class you will not be expected to have all the correct gear with you. So, what can you wear for your first class? In your first class you can simply wear a t-shirt and gym shorts. If you have sports wear that you usually wear to the gym or for running etc, then these will probably be okay to wear for your first couple of classes too.
  • What NOT to wear for class
    There are also a few things you should avoid wearing while training: No Jewelry, jewelry (including smart watches) can cause injury to you and your training partner. No Pockets, there is a risk that your training partner’s toes or fingers can get caught in the pockets during training and cause injuries. Some schools are less strict on students wearing shorts with pockets, whereas others may not let you train with pockets in your shorts No Zips, when you’re grappling in close proximity with your training partner, zips can cause serious cuts or eye injuries. Most schools are strict on this one, so if you’re heading in for your first class – avoid wearing shorts with zips. No Belts or Belt Loops For the same reasons as no pockets or zips, belts (not gi belts) and belt loops are hazards which can cause injuries to your training partner.
  • Hygiene Tips
    1. Make sure fingernails and toenails are clipped short before each training session 2. Put on deodorant before training 3. Brush your teeth or use mouthwash before training to prevent offensive bad breath 4. Shower Before class if you sweat a lot during the day AND as soon as possible after training to reduce the risk of skin infections. 5. Wash your Gi and belt right after class. Do Not let it sit in its stench. Do NOT just air dry your Gi after training….WASH IT. 6. Do not train with open cuts or scratches unless they are properly covered. 7. Do not train if your are sick even with just common illnesses such as a cold. Do not train if you are running a fever. Be sure to wear shoes when you are not on the mat. ALWAYS wear shoes to the restroom. Do not wear shoes or socks on the mats
  • What age can kids start training?
    Our kids class is available for ages 5 and up.
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